OverEating in Portland, Oregon

by Nancy Bestor

My daughter Emily and I went to Portland last month, ostensibly to visit Lewis & Clark College. But let’s face it, we really went to Portland to eat. Knowing we had limited time, we carefully mapped out where and when we would eat our five meals, both agreeing that breakfasts should be small to save room in our stomachs for an early lunch, an afternoon snack, and a late dinner. We also knew we had to fit in (into our stomachs, that is) at least two dessert stops.

Rest assured readers, Emily and I did not disappoint. We ate our five meals, we ate our afternoon snacks and we ate our desserts. Speaking for myself, I’m fairly certain I ate my way into a tighter pair of pants, too. But believe me, it was worth it.

We began our Portland overeating extravaganza at the food cart pods on Belmont and SE 43rd. Emily went for the penne macaroni smothered in a Secret Recipe Scratch Cheese Sauce from Herb’s Mac and Cheese. She chose her own two toppings, spinach and garlic, for $6. It was outstanding. I went for the Porchetta Sandwich from Lardos, whose tagline is “bringing fat back”. With a name and tagline like that, I knew I could not go wrong. The Porchetta sandwich ($8) was a delicious blend of pork and pork fat, and I can’t believe I ate the whole thing. I’m only sorry I didn’t get the French fries cooked in pork fat. For dessert, which we had to eat in our hotel room much, much later because we were stuffed fat—I mean full—we had lemon and marionberry pie holes from The Pie Spot, on SE Division and 32nd.

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