I Got to Keep on Truckin’

I feel like a little kid sitting in the back seat of my parents’ car on a seemingly interminable road trip. “Are we there yet Dad? How much longer is it gonna be?” Well, as my Dad would say, we’re still not there yet, are we? But we seem to be getting closer every day and it looks like soon, hopefully, vaccinated Americans will be able to visit Europe.

While we wait, however, for Europe and everywhere else to open back up, it’s good to be reminded that our own country is one of the world’s great travel destinations. Our states, regions, big cities and small towns, offer a remarkable variety of sites, activities, cuisines, and cultures. And of course right now, with just a few reasonable restrictions, we can all travel wherever we want, whenever we want. 2020 was a banner year for national parks and the great outdoors, and 2021 appears to be heading in a similar direction.

So it might be a good time to load up a few duffle bags, pack an ice chest with some cool drinks and yummy snacks, and hit the highways and bi-ways for a great American road trip. And if that’s your plan, Travel Essentials still has you covered.We’re here to assist, and despite COVID-disrupted supply chains, we’ve got a full selection of luggage, duffels and packing organizers from Eagle Creek. We’ve got guidebooks and maps for national parks and regions throughout the USA. We’ve also got comfy and stylish adventure clothing from Patagonia and Royal Robbins, quick-dry underwear from ExOfficio, and, of course, durable socks from both Darn Tough and Smartwool, that are perfect for the trail, the city, and the campground.

And if you’re sticking close to home this summer, we’ve also got great daypacks and waist packs from Osprey, Eagle Creek and Patagonia, brightly colored water bottles from Nalgene and from Oregon’s own Hydro Flask, as well as several local and Southern Oregon hiking books to explore the area right outside your backyard.

So for now, carry on with the carrying on. And in due time, once again, the world will be your oyster.

Note: We are still taking luggage donations for Jackson County Foster Care. Foster care kids often travel between homes with their belongings stuffed into garbage bags. So if you’ve spent your pandemic hours cleaning out your garage and closets, and have gently used luggage, duffle bags, and backpacks that you no longer use, we’ll take them off of your hands and donate them to children who need them.