Travel Vaccinations – Just a Shot Away

Bob and I are off to several countries on the African continent next month, including Botswana and South Africa. It was recommended for our Botswana travels that we consider several vaccinations, including typhoid and malaria. We were happy to learn that we could receive all our vaccinations, as well as a consultation, at the Jackson County Public Health Immunization Clinic. Jackson County Public Health offers a terrific service for travelers, as a visit includes a consultation with a registered nurse who specializes in travel medicine and who will make vaccination recommendations for your destination. The consultation fee was $46 for both of us together, and the vaccination prices differ depending on what you choose to get.

No appointment is necessary, and when Bob and I arrived at the Public Health Clinic just after they opened at 8am on a Friday morning, there was no line. After completing a short medical screening form that included questions on our vaccination histories, our upcoming travels, and our general health, we were taken right in. We were given the shots we needed right then and there, and the registered nurse also provided us with the oral typhoid vaccination right there at the clinic, and for a reasonable cost. He also wrote us prescriptions for our malaria vaccine and provided us with a coupon for it!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website offers vaccination requirements by country, if you’d like to plan ahead and know which vaccines you’ll need. They also offer excellent information on health precautions that you should take when traveling in foreign countries.

The Jackson County Public Health office provides many excellent services for Jackson County residents, including family planning, mental health, and more, and their travel health services both prepared us and gave us peace of mind for our upcoming adventure. Sure, our total vaccination cost was just over $200, but the cost of getting malaria or typhoid would certainly be more expensive, not to mention not so fun.

One thought on “Travel Vaccinations – Just a Shot Away

  1. Alice Engelman says:

    Here in Minnesota, the county I live in offers the same service. It’s where I got shots and advice before traveling to Ethiopia.

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