Don’t Let Your TSA PreCheck Expire!

I am a busy woman, okay? I’ve got books piled up on my nightstand, waiting to be read. I’ve got a stack of New Yorker magazines gathering dust on the living room end table. There are recipes I want to try, hikes I want to take, and then there’s that pesky job waiting for me too. I tell you all this to offer up an excuse for why I didn’t realize until last Friday that my five year Global Entry membership expires in three weeks. Whoops.

I do vaguely remember getting an email about this some time ago, and I’m sure I told myself that there was plenty of time to renew. Well, time is now clearly running out for me to get my handy dandy TSA Pre-Check on each flight I take in the next few months.

Once I realized that my procrastination had gotten out of hand, I hastily got into my account on the Trusted Traveler website and filled out my online renewal. Among other things, I had to list every country I have visited since 2014. (Note to self: keep better records.) It’s possible I may have forgotten one country. Will this throw a wrench into my renewal? To be determined. After several screens of questions, I was able to pay my renewal fee of $100, and send in my renewal application. It’s unclear if I’ll have to do another in-person interview at a Global Entry office. It’s also unclear how long the renewal process will take. Some take a few weeks, others longer. It appears I might be able to keep my Global Entry membership while my application is under review, even after my current one expires. But I’ll believe it when I see it.

So if you’ve got TSA PreCheck or Global Entry – and if you’re a frequent traveler, why don’t you? – do yourself a favor and check the expiration date of your membership. Don’t wait until the last minute to renew. Let us hope the TSA gods shine favorably upon me.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Let Your TSA PreCheck Expire!

  1. Chris Hansen-Murray says:

    Nancy, do you and Bob realize that one can get all the benefits of Global Entry, plus expedited passage both ways if driving between the U.S. and Canada, with NEXUS? And for only half the cost for 5 years? I don’t know why, but NEXUS only costs $50 for 5 years, vs $100 for GE or $85 just for PreCheck only. The only downside for you (and others living further south of the US-Canadian border) is that all the required interview sites are in the US or Canada not far from the border. The interviews require a visit with both a US and a Canadian customs/border security agent.

    My wife and I, living in Seattle, had Global Entry for 2-3 years, which DOES allow expedited entry back into the US via the NEXUS lane at the border. But it DID NOT allow us to use the NEXUS lane going into Canada, which can save a lot of time going north. We decided to spring for NEXUS status, and discovered in the process we could have saved $50 apiece and gotten full NEXUS + GE benefits if we had just signed up for NEXUS to start with!

    Apparently, according to something I just saw online, NEXUS can now be renewed online without a new in-person interview, if one has behaved oneself and kept a clean record.

    Even that may not make a trip to the border area worthwhile for the initial interview. But I just thought I’d mention this in response to your note here about Trusted Traveler renewals. While it might not be worth it for you in Medford, this might be useful info for others of your readers nearer the US-Canadian border, from West Coast to East Coast.

  2. Beth Geismar says:

    I got a renewal reminder last September, 6 months before expiration. Figured I might as well fill out the forms then…and then it took four months to confirm that I was approved but I DO need another interview. West Coast choices are Long Beach or Las Vegas, or try on arrival at an international airport…Fingers crossed. I also read that, due to the lengthy delays in processing, your current GE is good for a year after expiration, but I’d be leery of counting on that. Can’t wait to see how long it takes to link it to a passport renewal in 2023…

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