Staying “Fit” While On the Road

This is not an infomercial. I am not going to suggest you buy ginsu knives, even though they come with a six in one tool that chops, slices and peels. I am not even going to link this article to a place you can buy the product I’m about to tell you about, because frankly, I’m just not that business savvy. I am, however, going to tell you why I never travel without a FitBit. 

Like so many things in my life, I came late to the FitBit game. When I was finally getting my own pet rock, my friends had moved on to mood rings. And when I finally got a mood ring, I couldn’t understand why it was always teal (normal), as I really wanted a more exciting mood, like cool or passionate. But I digress. Back to the FitBit.

I knew that a watch that also counted steps and calories burned existed, but I didn’t know much more about it than that. I also didn’t think it was something I needed in my life. It turns out I was wrong. For Christmas I received a FitBit from my husband. You might be wondering if this was a suggestion that I might want to start counting calories in my everyday life. Believe me, I wondered too.

In reality though, Bob and I walk a great deal when we travel, and we often wonder how much we’ve walked on any given day, so the FitBit is a great resource to have when we’re on the road. We took it for the first time on our trip to Europe and Iceland this past winter, and discovered that we do indeed walk a great deal. On this trip we averaged about 9 miles a day. It gave us quite a sense of accomplishment when we were in for the evening and could pat ourselves on the back for all the calories we burned that day. 

The steps walked and calories counted are not the only thing we appreciated from the FitBit on our trip though. It was also great to know what time it was without having to look at my phone. I know watches are quickly becoming obsolete, but it sure is handy to check the time with a quick movement of the wrist, rather than digging into my bag or pocket for my iPhone.

Another cool feature of my FitBit is that it vibrates to notify me when I get texts. It also shows me who the text is from and even displays the beginning of the text, reader-board style. It’s great when traveling to be able to check my FitBit when I get a text to see who it is from, and what the text is about, again, without having to pull out my phone.

There are many styles, sizes and prices of FitBits, all with different options. I’m sad to report however, that it doesn’t change color and tell me I am anything but normal.

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