Reconnect Without Your Phone

It’s all there, isn’t it? That amazing little device in your pocket has nearly everything on it. From ancient history to current events, a smart phone has pretty much all the information that the human race has compiled over the millennia—accessible instantly with just a few keystrokes.

Our smartphones are powerful and compelling little devils. Walking down the street, at the dinner table, behind the wheel, and even at the beach, no matter the activity, lots of folks find them pretty darn hard to put down. 

Bad habits are hard to break, but fortunately travelers, help is here. At select properties, the Wyndham hotel chain is now offering to take your phone away for your own good. Their Reconnected” program is actually directed at families in an effort to remove electronic distractions from their vacations.

Participating families will get a lockbox for their phones, an instant camera, instructions for building a blanket fort and “Adventure Backpacks” full of books, stuffed animals, s’mores pops, and ideas for fun activities. Yes, this program is geared towards families with young kids, but we could all easily put our phone in a “lockbox” for a vacation, and just disconnect. We might not get s’mores pops (whatever they may be), but we would get the chance to relax and reconnect with the outdoors and each other. It’s definitely an idea worth considering.

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