Cleaning the World—One Bar of Soap at a Time

by Nancy Bestor

Like most of you, I try very hard to conserve & recycle. I turn off the water when I brush my teeth, I don’t leave lights on in the house if I don’t need them, and I recycle every bit of paper, glass and plastic I can. Thus I’m always a little disappointed when I’m staying in a hotel and I see tiny little bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotion and soap. While I like having free personal care products just as much as the next guy, I do worry about all the plastic bottles, and whether they’re getting refilled or just tossed, never to be used again.

I have noticed some hotels have moved to wall dispensing products, which makes a great deal of sense to me. The units can be refilled, and fewer personal care products are ending up going home with hotel guests as well. I also like that most hotels don’t change bed sheets and towels every day unless guests ask them to. We don’t (well at least I certainly don’t) change my sheets or towels at home on a daily basis. So why do we need to have them changed daily at a hotel?

So I was delighted to recently read about an Orlando based company, Clean the World, that recycles little bars of partially used hotel soaps and delivers them to domestic homeless shelters and developing countries that suffer from high death rates due to acute respiratory infection and diarrheal disease. At their facilities in Orlando, Las Vegas and Hong Kong, Clean the World first cleans and sterilizes the recycled bar soap, then grinds it and reforms it into new bars of soap.

The number one hotel contributor to Clean the World, The Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, has contributed over 100,000 pounds of soap to the project.


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