Checking and Rechecking

by Nancy Bestor

Last week Bob and I had to make a quick trip to Seattle for the day to attend a meeting. Oh the glamour. Our flights were booked by a third party, and we were sent copies of our itineraries and airline confirmation codes. We checked in online with ease about 12 hours before our outgoing flight, and planned to check in online again before our return flight late the same evening.


We were flying Alaska, and when I attempted to check us in for our return I was only able to check in Bob. The website could not seem to find my return flight, even though it had the same confirmation number as my outbound flight that morning. I figured the website was having a problem, and thought I would just wait and check in when I got to the airport. Bob’s sister Laura, smart woman that she is, said, “I recommend you go ahead and call Alaska.

I’m glad I took her advice! When I spoke to an Alaska agent and he was able to pull up my record, he found that my return flight was booked for one month later. Surprisingly, he changed my return flight in less than five minutes, without any charges. There were two seats remaining on that night’s flight, and he said he was glad I had called, rather than having waited until arriving at the airport. I was glad too!

I learned a few lessons here. When someone other than myself books a flight for me, I need to thoroughly check the itinerary once I receive it. Okay, the truth of the matter is, even if I book a flight myself, I need to thoroughly check the itinerary once I receive it. Hard as you may find this to believe, I do make mistakes too. Then, if the need arises, I should always call the airline if there is something wacky with my ticket or check-in. I won’t procrastinate on this in the future! Finally, having a smart and savvy sister-in-law is a great additional benefit of getting married.

2 thoughts on “Checking and Rechecking

  1. kathy hathaway says:

    Just a reminder to check our credit cards statements, too. I recently booked a Budget car in Denver for $51. The charge to my credit card was $414 – they said because I’d brought the car in a day early (a few hours actually)! Amazing what some companies try to get away with.

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