You Can Ride it if You Like

Bob’s off this week to pedal his bike from Steamboat Springs, Colorado to Salt Lake City, Utah – just short of 400 miles in four days. He is riding his tried and trusted LandShark Bicycle, made locally here in the Rogue Valley, and obviously had to figure out how to get his steed to Colorado. He assumed the best and cheapest way to get the job done would be to check it on the plane as an oversized item. And while that would have meant the bike traveled with him, the fees charged by the airlines (United out for $200 and Alaska back at IMG_0652$100) turned out to be almost double the price of shipping his ‘Shark via UPS Ground (including insurance). The downside was that he had to be away from his one true non-wifely love* for both a week before and a week after the event. The upside? – well over $100 saved. And his bike was insured for the exact amount of replacement. I’m not 100% sure the airlines would have coughed up the replacement value if they had damaged or lost the bike.

* Upon editing this story Bob noted that he likes his 1998 Big Bertha Driver a whole lot too.

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