They’ve Got An Awful Lot of Coffee in Brazil

by Nancy Bestor

DSCN0514I am a big fan of a good cup of coffee. Every morning, Bob and I grind coffee beans and make about four cups of coffee in a French press. Some mornings, when my alarm goes off, the only thing that drags me out of bed is the thought of that first delicious sip of joe. And it is delicious, every single morning. When we’re traveling abroad, we always try to sample the coffee. Sure, we’re willing to drink green tea in Japan, and chai in India, and those are both quite good. But in my book, tea and chai are imposters for the wake up beverage of the gods—coffee. It’s not just the taste. It’s also the smell of the coffee, and the touch of holding a coffee cup. It all gets me. You might say I’m addicted to coffee. You would be right.

I remember drinking a delicious espresso, standing at a bar in Vernazza, Italy. Many local bars serve alcohol throughout the day, but open up first thing in the morning to serve coffee. The bars were crowded with people standing (and sitting), drinking espresso. And then there was the food market in Barcelona, where we ate fried eggs and delicious bacon, and drank even better coffee. And I can’t forget dipping churros in café mochas in Mexico City. It doesn’t get much better than that.


Maybe part of the appeal to drinking coffee in other countries is the fact that locals don’t get their coffee to go. You don’t see people walking down cobblestone alleys holding a paper Starbucks coffee cup. What the locals do is sit in a café, with their friends and loved ones, and enjoy their coffee while catching up. I get the sense that this isn’t a special once a month get together either, but rather an everyday ritual. So tomorrow I’ll sip my coffee while sitting on my couch, rather than carrying it into the bathroom while I’m getting ready for work. And I’ll try and channel those folks who take their time and savor their morning cup. And I’m sure it will be even more delicious.

Thrillist recently listed their Definitive Top 10 Coffee Growing Countries in the World.  I’m thinking I need to get myself some Ethiopian beans.

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