When A Picture Is Not Really Worth A Thousand Words

by Nancy Bestor

I am good at many things. But to be completely honest there is one area (one?) in which I am not very successful – photography. I am always sure I am about to get a GREAT travel shot, one that I could enter into the National Geographic esteemed photo contest and read comments like, “How is it possible that this woman is NOT a professional travel photographer?” Or, “I would like to pay for you to travel to Bora Bora and take photos of my adorable family on vacation.” But once I go back through my photos and view the “gems” I’ve snapped, I find dark, out-of-focus images, where my subjects are often not looking their best. My family has requested I check with them before posting any photos I have taken, because they know the truth—I would have trouble making Cindy Crawford look good. I can’t even master the art of the selfie, as posing for a photo and snapping the photo at the same time are apparently a bit more than I can handle.


Thus I’ve taken to letting Bob be in charge of snapping shots on our travels. I didn’t pay much attention when he researched the best type of camera to buy. I didn’t pay attention when he studied the camera and its many features, learning how to best photograph food, night shots and more. And that also released me from worrying about carrying a camera, as Bob handles that as well. I did learn which button to press when I want to take a photo, and frankly that’s all I need to know. Every once in a blue moon I might snap a photo myself when we’re traveling, but more often than not I ask (demand?) Bob to take a photo of something that I cannot believe he has not already taken a photo of himself. It’s almost like having my own private photographer in tow. I’m sure he loves it.


So I will not be entering the 14th Annual Travel Essentials Travel Photo Contest this month, partly because I am ineligible to enter Travel Essentials travel photo contest, but more importantly because my photos would go in to the “let’s laugh at these later” pile. (Don’t worry, we really don’t have a let’s laugh at these later pile. But if we did, I guarantee mine would be at the front of the pack.)

If you’ve got a few travel photos in your albums that you’ve gotten complements on, or you just have a couple of photos that you’ve taken that you really enjoy looking at, please consider emailing them to us and entering our contest. Your photos might be displayed for the world to enjoy on our website or in our front window, and even better, you might win some great travel gear. The contest ends August 31, so start looking through your photos now. Once we get them, I’ll look through your photos and pretend like I took them.