Tahiti, 1959

by Nancy Bestor

Bob’s grandmother, Lois Bestor, passed away two weeks ago at the age of 95. GG, as she was known once she became a great grandmother, was full of joy and jokes right up until the end. Born on a farm with no electricity or running water in Plattsmouth, Nebraska, GG moved to Coos Bay, Oregon with her husband Bob (that’s Robert Harmon Bestor I, in case you’re keeping track) in 1947, where he worked for a Chevrolet dealership. Bob and Lois did a fair amount of traveling, including taking a Chevrolet sponsored trip to Tahiti in 1959. My Bob (Robert Harmon Bestor III), recently rediscovered some photos from that trip. Tahiti would have been a great place to visit in 1959, and Lois Bestor would have been a great traveling companion.

Here are a few of our favorite photos: GG 2 - Copy

GG 3

GG 4

GG 5

GG 6

GG 7

GG 8