Buy Me Some Peanuts and Crackerjack

by Nancy Bestor

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Bob and I at Camden Yards 25ish years ago.

It’s April, and while some think about showers and flowers, and others of Paris, certain people in my family—who shall remain nameless, but are not myself or either of my daughters—think about baseball. It’s not that I dislike baseball, in fact, I grew up with it and have always enjoyed following my Oakland Athletics, it’s just that April is a long way from October. And we all know that October is when baseball actually gets interesting. It’s hard for me to get fired up about wins and losses when I know there are more than 100 games left to go. Maybe if I still lived closer to my team (instead of in a state with no major league baseball at all, shame on you Oregon), I’d pay more attention, as I’d be going to games regularly. But alas, I can only watch my team on the tube, and there are too many other things going on in my house that distract me from focusing on the game.

But whether I pay attention or not, the baseball season will roll on, and here are a few highlights for those with travel plans and baseball in their future this year:

  • The Chicago Cubs will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field. April 23 is the date of the “official” birthday game at the historic park, but other celebratory events, including special guests from Wrigley’s past, are scheduled for each home stand.Visit for more information.
  • The A’s will host a 1974 World Series Reunion in late May, and if Bert “Campy” Campaneris is there (my all time favorite Oakland Athletic), I may just have to drive down for the game.
  • The Houston Astros and Baltimore Orioles will play in this year’s MLB Civil Rights Game on May 30 in Houston. This annual event pays tribute to those on and off the field who fought for equal rights for all Americans.
  • And the Minnesota Twins will be the host of this year’s All Star Game, July 15.


If you’re really fired up to visit as many baseball spots as you can this season, 101 Baseball Places to See Before You Strike Out is the book for you. With historic locations like Babe Ruth’s grave site, the Nolan Ryan Center and Willie McCovey’s Restaurant, even the biggest baseball fanatic will find a new spot to visit in this guide. Play ball!