You Take the High Road, and I’ll Take…

1414861_plane_silhouetteby Nancy Bestor

Have you ever been undercharged? Maybe you’ve bought groceries then returned home and looked over your receipt to see that you paid .50 cents for something that was supposed to be $5.00. Or maybe you ate out at a restaurant and discovered that your bill didn’t include a round of drinks. Do you tell the business? Or just count your blessings? What if you’ve been undercharged not by a small business but by a large corporation? Does that make it any different?

I recently read a story about a woman who booked an obviously incorrect fare ($595 one way from Myanmar to Canada, in first class) on Expedia’s website, then when it was cancelled by Expedia a few days before her flight, wanted Expedia and/or the airline to compensate her. The traveler admits to knowing that the fare was incorrect when she booked it. Consumer advocate Christopher Elliott says this is stealing, and not cool.

Was this stealing? Is it okay to book a flight you know for a fact is wrong? Is it like Robin Hood stealing from the “rich” to give to the “poor”? I’d like to think if I discovered this fare I would say to myself that this is “too good to be true” and take the high road and call the company to confirm the fare before trying to book it. But the truth is, I’ve never been in this situation, so I can’t say with 100% certainty that this is what I would do. Hmmmm…..what would you do?