He Knows When You’re Awake…

by Ember Hood

Here at Travel Essentials, we know that there are as many different kinds of travelers as there are different kinds of trips, and each person needs different travel gear for their adventures. If you’re gift shopping for the diverse travelers in your life, we have a few ideas that might just help you out.

12000001913.WhiteThe Organized Traveler
This traveler lives by the credo, “A place for everything and everything in its place,” and sometimes a suitcase just doesn’t offer enough organizational options to satisfy all of their organizational needs.  For this sojourner, we recommend Pack-It Specter from Eagle Creek. These lightweight organizers include packing cubes, folders and sacs, perfect for organizing a bag. And best of all their durable fabric is so amazingly thin and light it hardly adds any bulk or weight. And the Pack-It Specter Folder will even help keep clothing wrinkle free!

dreamsackThe Budget Traveler
Traveling on the cheap can be a very rewarding experience, but the budget traveler’s thriftiness often leads to hotel rooms that are what we’d call “questionable”. For the explorer who won’t pay to upgrade their room, we think a DreamSack Silk Sleep Sack makes an ideal gift. With a DreamSack, you’ve got your own soft, clean, fresh, silky sheets, no matter where you lay your head!

underwearThe Lightweight Traveler
The traveler who doesn’t want to be bogged down by a lot of luggage isn’t going to want a lot of clothes in their suitcase. A great way to fight the bulk is to bring ExOfficio Quick-Drying Underwear on your journey. Not only are they comfortable and great for all sorts of weather, but you’ll only need two pair for your whole trip. Simply wash ExOfficio Quick-Drying Underwear in your hotel sink at night and then hang them up. They’ll be fresh and dry in the morning, and as ready for adventure as you are.

33100000017.RedThe Carry-On Traveler
These travelers refuse to check their bag. They’ll shove as much as they possibly can into their carry-on and leave the rest at home without a thought. For these folks, the ScotteVest is the perfect travel accessory. The ScotteVest Travel Vest makes it easy for anyone to carry everything they need. The 24 pockets on the men’s vest and 17 on the
women’s are each specifically designed to hold passports, phones, cameras, headphones, sunglasses, keys, and more! The men’s sizes even have a built-in iPad/tablet pouch. So forget trying to fit everything into your carry-on bag and fill your pockets instead.

gorillapodThe Gadget Traveler
These technologically advanced travelers usually carry a smartphone in one pocket and a camera in the other, and they’re always ready to record every minute of their trip for posterity. For these guys, we think a Gorillapod makes an excellent travel companion. The flexible travel tripod can attach to railings or chair-backs and can balance on uneven surfaces, making sure everyone is in the picture every time!