Leaving Our Toiletries Hanging

by Nancy Bestor

In real life hotel bathrooms rarely look like they do in the brochure. Budget travelers know that they can be quite small with limited counter space. That’s why we always travel with a hanging toiletry kit. Simply put, our well-organized kit makes our on-the-road life easier. It’s easy to work out of, allowing us to leave most of our toiletries stored inside the kit rather than spread out in an already cramped bathroom. For easy access, and to free up counter space, we hang it on a towel rack, the shower curtain rod, or even a doorknob when desperate. Bob and I are able to share one kit, while our daughters each have their own. Shockingly, they have WAY more toiletries than we do. Ours has zippered pockets for small stuff like hairpins and earrings (can you tell who uses most of the toiletry kit?), special bottle-sized pockets, a long zippered pocket that fits our toothbrushes perfectly, and even more room for lotions, soaps, electric razors, hair dryers, etc. Zipped closed, it tucks nicely into our suitcase, and is even machine washable—to get out all those gross toothpaste spots.