Airport Check-in Saves Time

by Nancy Bestor

We arrived for the first leg of our flight to Zurich only to be greeted by a long line at the United Airlines counter. Though we were checking in at our little airport in Medford, Oregon (excuse me, I mean the Rogue Valley International Airport), there were at least 20 people ahead of us. We had tried to check in online less than 24 hours before our flight, but for some reason, United’s website would not allow us to do so. Therefore, we began our wait.

I quickly noticed however, that a United employee was patiently standing by and offering passengers the option (and personal assistance) to check in via the self check-in kiosk. If you can believe it, no one in line ahead of us was willing to self-check in! The United employee repeatedly asked travelers to use the kiosk, but no one wanted to leave the regular line. Once I realized that we could jump ahead of at least 20 people and check in quickly (and even get help doing it!), we immediately moved over to the kiosk, and checked in our family of four in about three minutes. We scanned our passports (with assistance), and the boarding passes for each leg of our journey printed out, lickety split.

The same went for our return journey out of Zurich. We walked up to the Swiss Air self check-in kiosk, where there was nary a soul, scanned our passports, and received our boarding passes.

People of the world, SAVE YOURSELF TIME AT THE AIRPORT. Try checking in via an airline kiosk. What’s the worst that can happen? The kiosk may instruct you to see a representative, and many airlines have representatives standing by for this very reason. I appreciate the opportunity to interact in my daily life with other humans, but when a computer can do the job more efficiently and help me avoid a long line, who am I to complain?