Protecting Your iPad and Other Electronic Devices

by Nancy Bestor

In April, a TSA baggage inspector at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport was arrested for allegedly stealing iPads from luggage for the past eight months. Eight stolen iPads were recovered during the investigation. In an article in the Huffington Post, Christopher Elliott writes of other thefts by TSA agents, and wonders if the TSA offers classes to employees on supplementing their income.

I’m most startled, however, to learn that travelers are putting expensive and easy to steal items like iPads, iPhones, and cameras into their checked luggage. It doesn’t matter whether you put a lock on your bag, or that you are sure that all TSA baggage inspectors are upstanding citizens, these items should always be in your carry-on luggage. If you’re not wearing your most expensive jewelry, you should be carrying it in your tote bag (or better yet, leaving it at home and wearing cheap replicas).

If you’re traveling with your iPad or iPhone, Apple now offers a free “find my iPad or iPhone” tracking application, so you can find out exactly where your iPad has gone, even if it’s just under your bed. You can also set a pass-code lock and remote wipe to protect yourself further.

The only thing TSA agents can ever steal from my luggage is my underwear and clothing. If they want it that bad, they are welcome to it.