Kiva Toiletry Kit with Detachable TSA Liquids Bag

We’re thrilled with the unique new Aircraft Toiletry Kit from Kiva Designs. Its travel-friendly design features an integrated and detachable one-quart bag that meets TSA requirements and is the best option we’ve seen yet for taking your liquids through airport security. The zip-off  “liquids bag” is made from durable and pliable clear TPA and is both waterproof and easy to clean. It also has plenty of space with room enough for five 3-Ounce Go Toobs or nine 2-Ounce Nalgene Bottles.

The main storage section of the Kiva Aircraft Toiletry Kit is a traditional style kit that offers just the right amount of organizational flexibility. It’s big enough to carry everything you need yet small enough to stop you from taking things you “think” you need.

And best of all, when going through security, you’ll simply zip off the liquids bag and coast on through!

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