Storing Carry-On in Overhead Bins

A frequent complaint of travelers is the length of time it takes for a plane to board or de-board its passengers. I am amazed at how long it often takes people in front of me to find their seat and get their carry-on stowed either in the overhead bin or below the seat. Airline pilot Patrick Smith, in his blog,, has a simple solution. Passengers should put their carry-on bags in the overhead bin above their seat. Passengers who put bags into bins at the front of the plane, worrying that they won’t have space above their seat, slow things down for everyone.  Then when those passengers who are sitting in the front of the plane get on, they have to look towards the back of the plane to find overhead space, and so on, and so on, and so on. Smith goes on to suggest the idea of assigned bins. Immediately, I think of this scenario from one of my favorite airlines who shall remain nameless, but whose names starts with a U and ends in a D: Your first assigned overhead bin space is free, and must be no greater in size than a breadbox. Additional assigned overhead bin spaces will cost anywhere from $25-$150.

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