2011 Travel Trends

Travel experts are weighing in on the trends they expect to see for travel in 2011. Here are a few things to look for next year.

Pauline Frommer, daughter of guidebook guru Arthur Frommer, says we can expect airlines and hotels to start offering “package deals” on fees. Perhaps we’ll be offered a flat annual fee from Marriott Hotels or United Airlines to avoid resort fees or carry-on luggage fees and ticket changing fees.

Ms. Frommer also expects home and condo rentals to continue growing over hotel room rentals. She reports that Homeaway.com, the largest home rental site on the web, grew from 60,000 rentals in 2005 to more than 230,000 today. For Frommer’s full story on 2011 travel trends, visit this site.

Trip Advisor, in its annual travel trends survey, says the top three international travel destinations for Americans next year are Paris, London and Rome. Trip Advisor also reports that the friendliest AND most annoying travelers are Americans. For other survey results visit Trip Advisor’s Website.

American Express predicts that airfare in 2011 will rise from 2% to 10% depending on the region, not because of lower profits, but because of supply and demand. Airlines nationwide are expected to post an aggregate net profit of $9.1 billion next year, down from $15.1 billion this year. For more information, read this this article.