Avoiding Jet Lag

by Nancy Bestor

No one likes starting a vacation tired. And when traveling to Europe or Asia, where the time differences from the U.S. are dramatic, arriving fresh eyed and ready for anything is a major challenge. No matter how often you travel, jet lag will likely affect you. There’s no getting used to it. But here are a few tips we’ve learned to help get over jet lag as soon as possible.

Start hydrated and stay hydrated. When flying, drink lots of water and avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks. Get out of your seat about once an hour to walk around the plane and stretch your legs. If your flight is scheduled to arrive at your destination in the morning, try getting some sleep on the plane. If you’re scheduled to arrive in the evening, do your best to stay awake on the flight by reading, watching movies, eating, etc. A couple of products that might aid in sleeping on the plane include the First Class Sleeper, and the Bucky 40 Blinks Eyemask.

Above all get on local time immediately. Do whatever it takes to stay awake that first day! Even a short nap could set back your time adjustment period. I remember arriving in Rome at 8am from the U.S. once, when our children were 2 and 4, and doing every single thing possible to keep them awake all day long. Candy, yes! Sugary soda, yes! Toy stores, yes! Red Bull, yes! (Just kidding.) We figured the more fun they had and the more food (and sugar!) we put in their bodies, the better they would stay awake. And it worked. We all hit the hay at 9pm, slept until 8am and everyone was rested with body clocks set to local time.

So when we travel abroad, we stay out and about until 8 or 9 pm at the earliest. No lying down in the hotel room. We keep snacking throughout the day as that keeps our energy levels up. And above all else, we keep moving, because remaining stationary for too long makes us sleepy.

Get lots of exercise the first few days of your vacation. Walking during the day will help keep you awake, and help you feel more tired when you do get to bed. Getting out in the sunshine will also help, as light helps our body clocks adjust easier.

Try the homeopathic jet lag remedy, No Jet Lag. Customers rave about this product, saying it helps them fight them effects of jet lag every time they travel.