Golfing on a Budget

Golfby Bob Bestor

Everybody likes a deal. And with mid-range resort-style golf courses often running greens fees in excess of  $100 even a small cut in price can add up to significant savings during a weekend golf trip.

We’ve used both and with great success over the past few years to secure discount tee-times throughout the U.S.  Golfnow offers tee-times for over 1800 golf courses in the U.S. and Canada. Simply choose the area and date you’d like to play and Golfnow will usually offer several tee times at various courses. On Kauai in March we saved $60 and $36 per player at Poipu Bay and Puakea respectively.

A “name your price” feature makes unique. It works just like Priceline. Find a course and time you like and make a bid. is another handy resource. TwoGuys offers detailed reviews of golf courses throughout the U.S. and Canada. While sometimes they spend a bit too much time reviewing a facility’s resort aspects, we’ve found their course reviews to be reliable.

When booking tee times our plan is simple: We see what’s on offer at Golfnow and EZLinks. Then we’ll check out the reviews at TwoGuys. And, after weighing course quality, location, available prices and tee times, we finally make a booking.