GoToobs Add a Handy 3 Ounce Size!

3 Ounce GoToob

3 Ounce GoToob

And they’re now in stock! The amazing, fabulous, handy GoToob has added a 3 ounce sized bottle to its repertoire, joining the best-selling 1.25 and 2 ounce sizes on shelves this week. Made from silicone, GoToobs are pliable and “squeezable”, making it a breeze to squeeze out whatever liquid or gel you’re traveling with. The bottles have leak-proof valves and a rubber seal in the cap to make sure it won’t leak in your luggage. And the 2 ounce bottles have a suction cup built into the side so they can easily be stuck to the shower wall or bathroom mirror. The bottle’s collar has a built-in labeling system that allows you to choose from conditioner, shampoo, sunblock, lotion or soap. And, when you fill the bottle the large opening is easy to fill and makes it easy to clean the bottles. And hey, the silicone is food-grade and bpa free, so you can even use them for something edible!

All three sizes of GoToob are TSA approved and carry-on friendly, so you can fill them with whatever you need on your next trip, slip them in your quart baggie and slip them into your carry-on luggage. Easy-to-fill, mess-free, environmentally friendly, simple to clean, and completely handy, we don’t know how people traveled before the GoToob!

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