Thermasilk Women's Top

Thermasilk Women's Top

Thermasilk Long Underwear make a great companion for winter travels. The simple, silk long sleeve shirts and pants (in both men’s and women’s) make an incredible base layer, providing a natural insulation against the cold of winter climes. The natural silk is also odor-resistant and quickly wicks moisture away from your skin when you’re working up a sweat, helping to keep you dry and fresh.

There are two things we really love about the Thermasilk long underwear. The first is that it’s so incredibly thin – but still manages to provide surprising warmth when you’re out in the cold. The second is that the natural silk still breathes. So, while it keeps you warm out in the cold weather, you won’t start sweating as soon as you step inside. The silk works with your body to keep you comfortable as you go in and out of shops, or restaurants. Perfect as a base layer for winter travel or a good winter pajama, we think everyone should have at least one pair!

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