Irresistible Sweaters and Accessories

Irresistible Zippy

Irresistible Zippy

Ex Officio’s line of Irresistible sweaters and winter accessories is one of our favorite fall clothing lines. Warm, soft, fashionable, clean, comfortable, and did we mention soft? Nothing perks up a crisp fall morning like being wrapped in an Irresistibly soft scarf, or pulling a warm, fleecy Irresistible beanie over your head, or zipping up an Irresistible Sweater as you head out the door.

We offer three Irresistible sweaters at  The luxurious Irresistible Turtle, the sporty Irresistible 1/4 Zip Sweater, and the fashion-forward Irresistible Zippy, which zips up all the way. All three are made from an overwhelmingly soft Chenille Feather Fleece (as are the hat and scarf.)

The feather fleece is not only soft, but light-weight and quick-drying, making it a perfect travel companion. So, if whether you’re traveling in snowy climes or just trying to stay warm as the seasons grow colder, the Irresistible Line will handle the cold with style, comfort and grace.

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