The New Hovercraft is Here!

Hovercraft Bags from Eagle Creek

Hovercraft Bags from Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek has revamped its line of Hovercraft bags, making them better all around. Not only are they lighter and more streamlined than the previous Hovercraft bags, but they come with a new-and-improved “No Matter What” Warranty – which means that no matter how your luggage is damaged, Eagle Creek will repair it. One of the best warranties in the industry is in itself a reason to choose Hovercraft as your next luggage purchase. But, even without that warranty, we would still love Hovercraft.

The Hovercraft line may include fresh new colors this fall, but the durability and quality craftsmanship remain. Made from heavy duty ballistic nylons, the

Hovercraft 25 Rolling Upright

Hovercraft 25" Rolling Upright

upright bags have rugged kick-plates and corner bumpers, two-way lockable zippers and over-sized off-road wheels.

There are two kinds of large wheeled bags in the Hovercraft line – the Wheeled Uprights and the Rolling Duffels. The Uprights feature compression two front zippered pockets, interior compression wings, inside accessory pockets, and an expansion that adds %15 to the bag’s packing capacity. The 19″ Upright and the 22″ Upright are both carry-on friendly on most airlines. Eagle Creek also offers a 25″ Upright and a 28″ Upright if you need a larger bag and don’t mind checking it at the airport.

Hovercraft 30 Rolling Duffel

Hovercraft 30" Rolling Duffel

The Rolling Duffels offer a more casual travel option. They feature both internal and external compression straps. A large handle on the front of the bag provides a duffel carry, or you can use the adjustable handle to roll the bag (and when not in use, you can zip in the adjustable handle, and streamline the duffel.) It also has inside pockets to organize, including a lid pocket that is accessible from the inside or the outside. The 30″ Rolling Duffel has an additional pouch in the bottom of the bag for shoes. If you want a smaller rolling duffel, Eagle Creek also offers a 25″ Rolling Duffel and a 22″ Rolling Carry-On Duffel.

Also offered in the new Hovercraft Line are several Rolling Totes (one with a computer pouch) and a smaller carry-on In-Flight Bag.

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