Tilley Hats – The Last Hat You’ll Need to Buy

Several decades ago, Alex Tilley set out to create the ultimate outdoor hat. Tired of having hats fall apart on him, sink into the depths of the sea, or blow off his head when a gust of wind took him by surprise, he used his years of sailing experience and hat savvy to create the last hat you’ll ever need to buy.

And what are some of the problems that Tilley conquered with his hat? The first issue he wanted to address was durability. Made from pre-shrunk cotton, the Tilley Hats are hand-sewn in Toronto, Canada. And Tilley Endurables is so proud of their product, they offer a lifetime warranty. If you ever manage to wear out your hat, just mail it back to them and they’ll replace it for the cost of shipping. Or, if you lose or mangle it, through some fault of your own, they also offer a 2-year warranty, allowing you to pay only 50% of the cost to get a new hat.

Another important issue to Tilley is comfort. Tilley hats are made to fit loosely, held on your head by gravity rather than an uncomfortably tight inner band. But, so that you won’t have to worry about losing your hat to an inopportune gust of wind, the Tilley hat has tuck-away, adjustable wind-cords on the front and back of the hat. They tuck neatly inside the hat when they’re not needed, but if you’re out and about on a windy day, simply pull the cords out, place one in front of your head and one behind – and your hat will stay on all day.

The Tilley Hat also offers protection from the sun and rain – keeping your head and neck dry and free of sunburns. And, internal closed-cell foam in the brim of the hat means that if you ever drop it in the water, it won’t sink into the depths, but it will float, waiting for you to retrieve it.

And, if the Tilley Hat weren’t great enough, a secret pocket inside the top of the hat is just large enough to hold cash, hotel keys, a quarter for a phone call, and your driver’s license. It really is the “World’s Best Outdoor Hat.”

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