Sun Protection and Style from Sunday Afternoons

Comfortable, functional,
and stylish designs.

Established eighteen years ago, Sunday Afternoons began as a small family-run business that designed sun protective outdoor gear to sell at trade shows, craft fairs and outdoor markets. As time went by, they began to design and redesign products based on what worked, what was popular and what was cutting edge. Sunday Afternoons has grown throughout the years and is thriving as a manufacturer of sun-protective hats and clothing for customers all over the world.

In women’s sun protection, our most popular Sunday Afternoons shirts are the Trade Winds Shirt and the Passport Shirt. both of these shirts offer high ratings of UPF sun protection, venting to keep you cool, and light, airy quick-drying material.

In women’s hats, we find that the simple elegance of the Kauai Hat and the Riviera Hat is quite popular. Both hats provide protection from the sun for your face and neck, while offering style and durability. Or, for a simple visor, the Key West Visor is great for gardening or a day in the yard.

Stay protected from the sun.

Our most popular men’s shirt is the Island Breeze Shirt. Made from an airy, comfortable fabric, the Island Breeze will wick moisture away from your skin while allowing plenty of air in and protecting your skin from the sun with a UPF rating of 40. In hats, the Adventure Hat has been our most popular among men. Perfect for a day on a boat, on the beach, hiking in the sunlight, or even on safari, the Adventure Hat is designed to protect your face and neck from harmful UV rays while still permitting air to circulate, keeping your head cool. Visit today to check out all our Sunday Afternoons hats and shirts to prepare yourself for the sunlight of spring and summer.