Gorillapods in action!

The Gorillapod in action.

The Gorillapod camera tripod is an amazing little piece of technology. Flexible and firm, the Gorillapod’s bendable legs allow you to set it on any surface, smooth or rough. Or, and this is even more fun, you can wrap the legs around a tree branch, fence post, chair back, stair rail, lamp post, bike handle (though take it off before you ride again!) or anything else you can think of!

Ideal for traveling, the Gorillapod folds flat and will easily fit in purses, roomy camera cases (we’re not talking about those sleeves that barely fit your camera), daypacks, coat pockets, waist packs, or totes. (When collapsed, it’s 6.6 inches long and about an inch in diameter.) In this age of digital cameras, low lighting has become a problem – you snap a photo in what seems like perfectly reasonable light, and the camera disagrees and uses the blaringly bright flash, or does nothing and delivers a blurry photo. Well, the Gorillapod offers a “steady hand” to remedy this problem – so get that scenery shot every time, and take wonderful timed photos with yourself in the picture!

Now in six fun colors, the Gorillapod is as fashionable as it is functional. If you want a functional, versatile, creative tripod for your next international adventure (or trip to a park down the street!) the Gorillapod is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Visit TravelEssentials.com to check them out today!