Ultimate Packing Solution Still Available

We still have some of Eagle Creek’s Ultimate Packing Solution Sets available. During the holidays the set makes for a great gift, but for now it’s the perfect combo of Eagle Creek’s ingenious Pack-It items at a nice savings. If purchased separately the three packing organizers would run almost $48. As a set the Ultimate Packing Solution is just $39.95. A nice deal indeed and available here.
Eagle Creek’s Ultimate Packing Solution
The Solution centers on a Pack-It Folder 18. This extremely handy product will neatly fold up to a dozen garments and keep them all neatly folded no matter how many times you paw through your suitcase and its contents. It comes with a folding board that does two things. First it helps you to fold things neatly and second it ensures that anything you want to put into your Pack-It Folder 18 is folded to the correct size. When I max mine out I can pack two pairs of pants, two pairs of shorts, four or five dress/casual shirts and a couple of t-shirts. I have found it to be nearly indispensible for any trip where I’d like to look anywhere from halfway decent to sharp. The second piece of the Ultimate Packing Solution puzzle is the Pack-It Cube. At 13 x 9.5 x 2.5 inches deep the Pack-It Cube makes a great storage unit for smaller stuff like socks, rolled up undies and t-shirts, bras, gloves, hats, swimsuits etc. Putting all your small stuff into one handy bag alleviates quite a bit of luggage clutter and makes it easier to find said small stuff and easier to find things overall. The final item in the set is Eagle Creek’s Medium Pack-It Sac. Measuring 10 x 8.5 inches the plastic line Sac is perfect as a basic toiletries bag or as a handy case for any liquid containers you might be carrying. And that’s a wrap on Eagle Creek’s Ultimate Packing Solution. You may of noticed that I ‘ve used the word “handy” a few times. That’s because when I think of this stuff, I think about how neatly organized my travel gear and clothing are now that I use it.