New Eagle Creek Tarmacs are here.

The latest and greatest from Eagle Creek has recently arrived. Among the many new updated pieces we are most excited by the updates the company has done on their Tarmac line of rolling bags. For several years now the Tarmacs have offered by far the best value in the luggage industry. These bags are extremely durable, are backed by an unbeatable guarantee and, when compared to bags of similar quality, are very favorably price. If anything ever happens to your Eagle Creek Tarmac, even damage caused by the airlines, Eagle Creek will repair it free of charge. Hard to go wrong with a deal like that.

The Eagle Creek Tarmac line is complimented by a nice selection of handbags, totes and duffels as well as a very handy rolling tote that is sized specifically to be an under seat carry-on.

Check the Tarmacs out here12000000770palm.jpg.